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50 Cent Beefs with Game, Shooting at Hot 97

Earlier tonight, 50 Cent dissed his new artist Game on the radio and kicked him out of G-Unit for disloyalty. Later, at the Hot 97 radio station where 50 Cent was being interviewed there was a shootout that injured one person. The man shot is unidentified, and there’s no word on if this was related to the friction with Game ... Read More »

Combining Bloglines with Del.icio.us

Can some geek please take advantage of the api’s for Bloglines and Del.icio.us to create a combined newsreader and bookmark manager that allows for tagging of webfeeds and url’s? Feedmarker does this, but it’s ambitious founder has been building the free service by himself from scratch, and it is still filled with bugs. I recently suggested that he use the ... Read More »

Bloglines + Del.icio.us = Feedmarker

Feedmarker is a free new service for social bookmarking of webpages and webfeeds. I currently use Bloglines as my webfeed news reader, and del.icio.us for bookmarking. I have long wished that I could use the two services together, because both of them are extremely useful to me. Bloglines does have the ability to store or “blog” about a link, but ... Read More »

Todd Lynn needs a blog

Todd Lynn, the Hot 97 Morning Show co-host who helped record the "Tsunami Song" and was heard joking on air "I’m gonna start shooting Asians," was interviewed by over the phone and on IM by two blogs (see the Hiphopmusic.com and Trickology.com interviews.) In the interviews he continually claims that he was taken out of context and worries that anything ... Read More »

Greg Tate vs Greg Tate

Recently I stumbled upon a Village Voice review of a Tribe Called Quest’s album, written by Greg Tate almost a decade ago, when Tate was a younger man. I was struck by how different Tate’s outlook on the culture was back then, and how similar his observations are to how I and my friends feel about the music today. Did ... Read More »

Yes, Virginia, Hip-hop is Not Dead

I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say hip-hop is dead. Papa says, "If you see it in a weblog, it’s so." Please tell me the truth, is hip-hop dead? –Virginia O’Hanlon Virginia, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the nostalgia of a nostalgic age. They do not enjoy the present but the ... Read More »

Def Jam Buys Roc-a-fella (Winner and Losers)

Def Jam bought the Roc and Jay-Z is now president of the company. Let the rumors cease. Today some people are happy about this and some aren’t. Let me break down the winners and losers. Winner Russell Simmons just strengthened his Def brand, and diluted the Roc, which has been his main rival in the urban marketplace. Loser Damon Dash ... Read More »

DJ Clue – the Cherry Lounge part 1 (hosted by Nas)

Clue gets props for taking his title as The Professional seriously. His tapes play like real albums. And this one is no different. Everything from the artwork to the description text imbedded on the cd clues you that you're dealing with a cat who has mastered this mixtape game. Read More »

Weblogs Beyond The Web

It’s time for the weblog to move away from the web page. A blog is a conversation, remember? I post on my site in order to connect and communicate with people who share similiar interests as me. Most others have blogs so their friends and families can keep up with what’s going on with them. All this virtual fellowship happens ... Read More »