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A Traditional Male

Should holiday traditions mean anything to men? Or is that simply up to the mom? Read More »

Do Parents Who Serve Teens Liquor at Home Raise Responsible Drinkers?

Or just drinkers? Read More »

Where Have All the Good Men Gone? As Far Away As They Can Get

Now that the feminists have won, why are they complaining there are no good men to marry? Read More »

Be Your Children’s Father, Not Their Friend

Friends don’t tell each other to grow up, tell the truth, go to church, act like a man, behave, study, work. That's the role of a dad. Read More »

Life Lessons on Being a Dad: The Importance of Being Around

Can a dad really balance work and family in an era of job cutbacks? Read More »

Father to Father: Life Lessons on Raising a Dad

Why would men rather walk on hot coals than share their feelings with other men about raising kids? Read More »