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Music Review: Joanna Newsom – Ys

I have a friend who calls Joanna Newsom an "irritating, squeaky woman" - some people just can't get past her voice. Read More »

Concert Review: Howling Bells

Barring the collected output of the Brothers Finn, the Antipodean colonies haven’t had much luck in the musical department. Read More »

Concert Review: Field Music And The Futureheads

Broken hearts? More than a few. A happy ending? Definitely. Read More »

CD Review: The Black Heart Procession – The Spell

Grab your Moleskines, people, I can feel a melancholic funk coming on. Read More »

CD Review: Kimya Dawson – Remember That I Love You

They wrote songs about downloading porn and, spookily, New York being a graveyard. Unfortunately, they also kind of split up. Read More »

Album Review: Mogwai – Mr. Beast

Sometimes, it seems, getting older can be fun. Read More »

Concert Review: Giant Drag

Annie Hardy: bookish wallflower or foul-mouthed harridan? Discuss. Read More »

Concert Review: Ryan Adams

"It's Valentines Day, so if you're here that must make you a bunch of sad bastards." Read More »

The Hot Topic: Writing Ambitions

What are your creative ambitions and how do you express them? Read More »

CD Review: The Beatings – Holding On To Hand Grenades

Maybe it's personal intolerance, but this whole 80s bandwagon is beginning to really f--- me off. Read More »