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Book Review: The New Devil’s Dictionary: A New Version of the Cynical Classic by Rhoda Koenig, Illustrated by Peter Breese

"Eternal abstractions, fashionable imbecilities, words used without regard to their implicit fatuity or chicanery”: Koenig’s witty and mordant book of brickbats and bon mots updates the Bierce classic. Read More »

Book Review: Damascus by Joshua Mohr

Come to the Damascus, the anti-Cheers where everybody knows your business or your back story, and where “every interchange was a con, every night, a pitiful costume party,” Read More »

Vinyl Tap: Tom Waits – “Hang Down Your Head”

If the brooding “Hang Down Your Head” finds instrumental complement with Rain Dogs' more adventurous raucousness, it distinguishes itself with its heartfelt simplicity and directness. Read More »