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Dems Cowardly Surrender 4th Amendment

The Republic has cancer...and yes, it does look fatal. Read More »

Low Notes: A Tribute to Some of the Best Bass Players

The four strings of excellence and innovation. Read More »

Hubble To Continue As Eye On The Sky

Money authorized to Shuttle mission to give Hubble repairs and upgrades. Read More »

Far Beyond Driven

Or why is there no room for outside of the "Box"? Read More »

Lieberman Goes Down!

Instant Observations from the Connecticut primary. Read More »

Interview with JuJu: The Elephant God

a little Q&A with one of the Big Guys Read More »

CIA Closes bin Laden Department

Where's Osama and why doesn't the Administration seem to care? Read More »

So You Want to Defeat an Incumbent Republican?

...or, "if I were the Galactic Overlord, how would I write speeches for the next political movement"? Read More »

State of the Union: Fear and Loathing

Why I threw up a little in my mouth while watching the speech. Read More »

Analogies, Allegory and Algorithms

A unique quasi-poetic look at the two legged barstool of political discourse. Read More »