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White. Male. Raised in the deepest of the Deep South. Retired Navy. Strong Christian. Proud Liberal. Thus, Contrarian!

Against All My Liberal Beliefs, a Libertarian Economy Can Succeed

Libertarian economies are accomplishing feats beyond America's ability. We can do the same, if we're willing to pay the price. Read More »

Does Libertarianism Lead to a Happier Population?

Why are the people of a libertarian third world nation happier than Americans? Read More »

A Meditation on the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team

Lessons learned about women, not only in sports, but in all walks of life. Read More »

Executive Decisions and Mental Cowardice

"It is the growling man who lives a dog's life" - Coleman Cox Read More »

Political Predictions from Now Through the 2012 Election

Other than the world ending according to the Mayan calendar, that is. Read More »

None Dare Call it Voter Suppression

It's now considered patriotic among Republicans to suppress voting by the poor. Read More »

Obama, in His Failure to Learn a Lesson of History, is Forcing All of Us to Relearn the Lesson

The rise of the Tea Party, the Congressional minority imposing its will; it's all happened before. Read More »

A Quick Investigation into Ron Paul’s Racist Writings: Did He Actually Write Them?

Who here is lying? CNN, the Dallas Morning News, and the Houston Chronicle? Or Ron Paul? Read More »

Are we Really just Dumping Dollars Down the Education Toilet?

Why is it we spend so very much money on education? Comparatively speaking, are we really spending that much? Read More »

The Second-Best Thing that Happened to Me in High School

And why it made me admire Viagra spokesman Bob Dole in a certain way. Read More »