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White. Male. Raised in the deepest of the Deep South. Retired Navy. Strong Christian. Proud Liberal. Thus, Contrarian!

Cheney is Right – But Not in the Way He Thinks

Terrorists will attack the American homeland again - but only out of the sheer necessity of self-preservation. Read More »

The Single Thorniest Issue for Obama — Whether to Prosecute for Torture

Should the Obama administration prosecute those who committed torture -- and those who authorized torture? Read More »

Will the Republicans Abandon Their Southern Strategy and Accept the Sea Change in America’s Psyche?

The Republican Party sees the danger of alienating minorities and LGBT's, but can they adapt before they become marginalized? Read More »

The Patriotism of American Socialism

Socialism has benefited every industrialized democracy on earth...except for America. Read More »

The Republican Party Believes in America…but Not in Democracy

Why do the ultra-patriotic Republican elite strive to undermine that most precious basic foundation of democracy - the vote? Read More »

Why Obama Deserves the Respect of Conservatives

McCain showed great courage once. How does his courage compare to that of Senator Obama? Read More »

Liberal Kudos for George W. Bush

President Bush needs a pat on the back. This Democrat thinks he deserves it. Read More »

On Abortion and Palin’s “No-Choice” Position

Thinking though the debate on abortion and the devil dancing in the details. Read More »

The ‘Fiscal Irresponsibility’ of the Democrats

Where should the blame for fiscal irresponsibility lie - and how can we rescue America from another Republican deficit? Read More »