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The Need for National Election Law Reform

The need for national uniform election laws. Read More »

Golden Rule No. 1: He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules

Texas is not concerned about the protection of home owners. It is more concerned about protecting home builders. Read More »

It is Time to Think About Real Nationalization of AIG

Outrageous AIG bonuses makes me ask: why not nationalize? Read More »

A Supreme Court Vacancy this Early Could be an Interesting Fight

Justice Ginsburg's comment opens debate about President Obama's first Supreme Court nomination. Read More »

GOP Chairman Steele Honest About Abortion: And Gets Tongue Lashing

Is the GOP doomed to be a regional party or can Michael Steele develop a new and viable national agenda? Read More »

Connecticut’s Economy: “It is Not As Bad As We Thought It Would Be”

Connecticut's governor doesn't seem to know how to lead in a time of crisis. Read More »

Governor Rell Has Lost the Political High Ground

Connecticut Governor Jodi Rell fails expectations in dealing with the state budget deficit. Read More »

Book Review: Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin: A Lesson in Politics for Today

While a historical work, this is an excellent book on how to assemble a team to lead the nation. Read More »