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Tomorrow’s People

I just saw Susan Greenfield – a.k.a. Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield – on a television chat show. She is a pioneering scientist, entrepreneur, communicator of science, policy adviser, and an extremely interesting presenter of complex ideas. She seems to be intelligent, vivacious and wears makeup and nice clothes. All of this must really annoy many of her peers amongst the ... Read More »

Healing ADD by Daniel G. Amen

Sub-titled The Breakthrough Program that Allows you to See & Heal the 6 Types of ADD (a.k.a. Attention Deficit Disorder) This book is a good introduction ADD for both the newly diagnosed and for old hands. Dr Amen has developed a 6 type classification to separate the various manifestations of ADD which is explained in the book. He also provides ... Read More »

They F*** You Up

Alain de Botton says "If every parent were forced to read it before raising a child, it would do greater good for the happiness & prosperity of this country than any number of government initiatives." Read More »