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McGreevey steps out.

“I don’t want to be, i don’t want to be me. . .anymore”- Type-O-Negative Yah think that’s how Jim McGreevey is feeling right now? Supposedly he is feeling in very high spirits since his admission that he is gay and had an extramarital affair. What about his wife? His kids? His family altogether? Big deal McGreevey is gay. Good for ... Read More »

Orange Alert! High Alert!

Well, those darned terrorist and their chatter are at it again. If you haven’t seen the news at all, or if you live far away from the NY, or DC metro area, pretty much we are under lockdown. Seems some detailed intelligence suggests terrorists want to target financial institutions Washington, D.C., New York city and get ready for this. . ... Read More »

Anthrax-We’ve Come For You All

Ok, so this is better late than later i suppose. In late 2003 Anthrax released the album, We’ve Come For You All, and barely anyone noticed. Tis sad i say. Even i didn’t hear of it really and i have been listening to Anthrax since Spreading the Disease. The old days of big hair, thrash riffs and Joey Belladonna are ... Read More »

Rap gone political ?

“Why did Bush knock down the towers?” No it’s not me asking it. This is a line in a song called “Why?” by a rapper known as Jadakiss. The line has caused alot of controversy recently and has been edited out on some radio and video spots, including MTV (duh). Now, I may not be the biggest fan of Dubya, ... Read More »

The Suffering: I know I’m not

Generally, I hate plunking down my cash for video games. Too many times have I bought a video game and it has just sucked. A total waste of $50. More often than not I will rent one. By doing this I save a few beans and if I don’t like it I don’t own it. Well I actually bought one ... Read More »

Want some music with your poitics?

Looking for the soundtrack to the next presidential election? Look no further than, Boysetsfire. Boysetsfires album, Tomorrow Come Today is a breath of fresh air in a time when most music is filled with nonsense and has no message or direction. Boysetsfire are out to wake people up to the goings on in our government and our surroundings. This CD ... Read More »