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The Legacy of Julian Beck and The Living Theatre Today

Political Theatre, theatre of joy, of liberation, of the ‘beautiful non-violent Anarchist revolution’, the Living Theatre gave birth to Off-Broadway... Read More »

Sid Vicious Returns to New Orleans! Or, Why Anarchy Is A Good Thing

In simple words, a crisis brings out the best or the worst in us. WE are to blame - not Bush, not the government, not the racism of Yahoo or the media. Read More »

Ending Eminem’s End: War Poetry/Liberation Poetry

Words shape us. They create a shared reality. Yet today what we see are words in the service of ideology, a plague of conflicting ideas, of words enslaved to fixed ideas. Is there a poetry of liberation? Read More »

Who Protects Them?

Who protects them – the wandering refugees searching for water and shelter, waiting for the day of the return home? Who protects them – the hungry, unfed in all the deserts, jungles and towns and cities the world over? Who protects them – the exploited, working hours upon hours in dust and poisons and darkness? Who protects them – the ... Read More »

The Politics of Hate

Are we living in two Americas? Do blogs influence anybody or anything? Read More »