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Conversations With God’s Executioner

In Lieu of Heaven is an ultimately enjoyable tale drawing in the reader with smooth prose and accessible protagonists. Read More »

Six Sure Signs Your Husband Will Fall Asleep Watching the DVD You Just Bought

Aliens = guys in bumpy green bodysuits reminiscent of shriveled pickles left in your fridge since that picnic last July. Read More »

Remembering Terror

A tale of a woman's unbreakable inner being and her ability to rise beyond the crushing dust of a shattered childhood. Read More »

This Lair’s Draggin’

The Dragon's Lair might have fared better if Guilfoil had turned one of her tale's bloody knives on her manuscript. Read More »

Odeen Velyky Pyvo and an Unexpected Pause in Paris

Putting aside all the bureaucratic hoops and financial strains that precede international adoption trips for willing parents, it is heinous for Yunona and adoption agencies like them to issue contracts for children over whose fate they in fact have neither knowledge or control. Read More »

The Men Who Wear the Tights

Parents are a quiet kind of hero, an unsung species who are the building contractors of society. They are the build-it-and-they-will-come dreamers who with a funny sort of blind faith cast their souls into the fray to help make tomorrow come true. Read More »