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The Art of Body Paint

When I first encountered the body paint images of Nelly Recchia I was stunned, amazed and speechless. If there is a person who has really lifted body painting in to an artform I just found her in the artist Nelly Recchia. Read More »

Suze Randall

Naughty images created by one of those almost mythical names in erotic photography, Suze Randall. Once a fashion model in the seventies, she switched sides and became a photographer herself. She worked for all the mayor magazines like Playboy, Hustler and many others. She now works as a freelance artist from her own studio in Los Angeles. Remarkable about her ... Read More »

Digital Babes

With all the graphic blockbusters released the last couple of months like doom 3 and Halflive 2. It is time to look at the spicy side of computer animation and graphics. What is happening in the more adult related 3D graphic art, are we coming close to the real thing? Will computer generated Babes take over the human ones? And ... Read More »


Inspired by de Sade, Pierre Molinier visualizes his own sexual obsessions. Imagine that these works are created in the fifties, the conservative world before the sexual revolution started. But at the same time the ideas about sexuality were undergoing a mayor change, there was a sexual revolution coming. Pierre Molinier was surrounded by guys like Breton, one of the founders ... Read More »

Sensual and spiritual

Jaeda DeWalt describes her work as sensual and spiritual. The first work I encountered of Jaeda DeWalt was one of her self-portraits with mannequin figures. The plastic look of the figures is softened by the usage of light and shades of grey. In this black & white photo the human body is almost equal to the mannequins surrounding it. It’s ... Read More »

The art of sensuality

Searching for the best way to capture the sensuality and beauty of the naked human body. This Artist is getting really close to perfection. The round female shapes are perfectly presented in both subtile and elegant poses. The smart way of using light, light reflection and shadows in combination with a rather simple setup drives all the attention to his ... Read More »

Druuna comic

Did you ever explore the strange erotic comic worlds created by Serpieri? It’s dark out there with some warm, wet places to give you shelter. The erotic comics of Serpieri are still one of the best out there. The Druuna album was first released in 1987 and did strike lovers of this erotic genre right in the heart. The drawing ... Read More »