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Seven Types of People to Avoid at the Movie Theater

Fletch is keeping an eye out for you, the moviegoer. Help him out. Read More »

Deep Impact vs Armageddon: In The Battle Between Testosterone and Estrogen, We All Lose

I'd like to take you back in time to a simpler era. A time when Ben Affleck was considered a matinee idol... Read More »

Fletch’s Favored Five: Sin City Flicks

Looking for a little of that Vegas swing in your movies? Fletch counts down the top five movies with Sin City ties. Read More »

Movie Review: Surf’s Up

Think Surf's Up is just another mediocre penguin movie? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Read More »

Movie Review: Paris, je t’aime

18 shorts + City of Lights = Fall in love with Paris, je t'aime. Read More »

Movie Review: Bug

Can Ashley Judd remember that strong performances in independent films are what got her famous in the first place? Tune in and see... Read More »

Movie Review: Once

Take one Irish singer/guitarist, one Czech singer/piano player and blend. Result? Magical music (and film!). Read More »

Movie Review: Ocean’s Thirteen

Can they pull it off again? Steven Soderbergh tries to steal back his audience. Read More »