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What About Recreational Restroom Usage?

Yahoo tip-toes around the copyright laws Google belly-flopped into earlier this year, and digital music revenues triple those of 2004 (tell me again how P2P piracy is hurting the music industry?). When newspapers stop clogging up the bathroom faux-recliner, it appears, it won’t be long before CDs, books, and other hard-copy, physical forms of entertainment find their way lost in ... Read More »

Whose “Intelligent Design” Is This Anyway?

While I'm watching this apocalypse unfold, I'll read the Book of Revelations as told by Stephen King Read More »

Who Wants to be President?

“The president of what? The United States. Of what? Of America!” Chris Rock, in Head of State, makes the American political system as simple as an ethical dilemma in a Lifetime after-school special. But, we all know this simplicity is all an illusion. In politics, ethics only get you elected; after that, they have no sustaining value like the American ... Read More »

New Orleans Roots and a New Creative Class

The massive displacement of New Orleaneans after Hurricane Katrina could be the beginning of a new Creative Class. Read More »

Wake Me Up When September Ends

I don’t know whether to pack the car and take a roadtrip to New Orleans or curl up into the fetal position and cry myself into a month-long hybernation. We are in the shade of the three-day, Labor Day weekend and the shadowing reminder that Mother Nature and Life, both, go on. Unemployed and without reason to celebrate, alive and ... Read More »

Esquire and the Associated Press

The post begins like a Quentin Tarantino film…with a fetish. fetish – n. 1, an object supposed to embody a spirit; totem. 2, an object of abnormal love or passion. I put Esquire magazine on the same pedestal QT puts his beloved feet of gore. My fingers lead my eyes from word to word across its glossy pages, like the ... Read More »

Ashes to Ashes: Saying Good-bye to Hunter S. Thompson and Peter Jennings

I remember my father’s two-year transition into the world of respectability. He was promoted from beat-cop to detective. He quit smoking and drinking and bought some new suits. He did it for the family. We needed the money and he wanted to be at home when my brother and I were awake instead of out protecting the midnight streets while ... Read More »

Eminent Domain v. the Multitude of Internet Domain Names

I say, what’s really going on? Kelo v New London, the eminent domain case affirmed by the USSC in late June, allows local governments to force private property owners to sell land and businesses if the government feels it to be in the best interest of the community. Property rights aside, what will happen to mystery and imagination when Wal-Mart ... Read More »

If Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children

...then why have visions of sugarplums and flying brooms? Read More »

It all started in an AOL chatroom

We are adopting anti-social personalities. Not multiple personalities for an entire culture, but numerous personalities within each person. Read More »