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experience seeker

What is an experience seeker? An experience seeker is one who wants to do something out of the ordinary, and these days the term is mainly associated with travel. The experience seeking traveller wants to be immersed in cultures, they want to taste the local food and explore the out of the way and off the beaten track places that ... Read More »

self education

Self education is an interesting term as most people would see this as being educated without any input from others. However you can also look at self education from meaning that you take it upon yourself to either get the education or ask others for help to achieve the education. Self education can lead to untold opportunities and with the ... Read More »

success coaching

Sometimes it is so easy to stay with the things that are familiar and known, people do not like to step outside their comfort zone but success coaching can change all of that.Success coaching means having someone who has been there and done it and who is willing to impart all of their knowledge to make someone else successful. Just ... Read More »

travel experience

A travel experience is what inspires you to make travel a passion. Personally escorted safari in Kenya, climbing Mount Fuji in Japan, riding a raft on the Colorado river enclosed by the Grand Canyon, getting up close and personal to the polar bears in Churchill, Canada. Or perhaps 'cruising' on an ice breaker heading towards Mawsons Hut in Antarctica, catching ... Read More »