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US census

The US census is conducted every 10 years because the Constitution requires that the number of members each state sends to the U.S. legislature be based its share of the nation's population. Census data is also used to apportion federal budget money to the states for education, roads, and determine the composition of the Electoral College. The census has been historically conducted ... Read More »

cap and trade

A "cap and trade" system involves government caps / limits on industry emmissions of greenhouse gases and other environmental pollutants; permits to emit within these limits would be sold to companies by the government. If plant or company's emissions fall below these caps, they can swap/sell among themselves the permits for the balance of the unused allotment to other companies / industries ... Read More »

blanket amnesty

Blanket amnesty is being promoted by pro-immigration/open borders supporters and demanded by illegal aliens. The concept entails immediate US citizenship for resident illegal aliens, their immediate families, and possibly their extended families. This number could realistically rise to over 20 million people. This would include immediate eligibility for driver's licenses, health care, social security, welfare, and other benefits. Further, there ... Read More »

union card check

"Union card check" refers to the Employees Free Choice Act of 2009, the union goal of which is to make it easier for workers to unionize "to bargain for better wages, benefits and job security," according to the SEIU. Under today’s labor laws, workers can vote for or against unionization in a federally supervised private-ballot election. Under card check, if ... Read More »