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Trouble Brewing

Arafat is dead (and there was much rejoicing). Which leaves an open spot at the top of the Palastinian Authority. We've been hearing hopes of renewed talks between the Palastinians and Israelis since his death, pending new leadership. Read More »

Up Yours, Jacques

Jacques Chirac is calling for an international tax to help fight international poverty. And guess what he wants to tax? Arms sales, including gun purchases by individuals. Fighting poverty? Good idea. Taxing a gun purchase I make to do it? Piss off. Read More »

Here We Go Again

John Kerry suggested Saturday night that Republicans may try to keep black voters from casting their ballots to help President Bush win in November. Read More »

Chris Matthews Attacked

Last night an attacker wearing a hood jumped the security line where Chris Matthews was broadcasting from and attempted to attack him. He was quickly removed by police. Read More »

The Axis Of Eve

A group calling itself “The Axis of Eve” is gearing up for a protest at the Republican convention. But not your average protest. They're going to be doing a 10-minute mass panty flash. Read More »

Where Did The WMD Go?

The lack of finding any substantial stockpiles of WMD in Iraq after the war has led many to speculate that they never existed. However, a story out today in the Washington Times offers up a suggestion of where they might have gone. Read More »