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Sterling, although you can make reference to sterling silver, is predominantly associated with the currency of the United Kingdom. If you travel to the UK from another country you will have to exchange your country’s currency for British Sterling. The UK left the Gold Standard in the mid-20th century and has since had a floating exchange rate. This means that ... Read More »


Girlfriends — who’d have them? They take forever to get ready to go out. They talk a lot. And they always leave the toilet seat down. But then again, in the infamous words of the Blues Brothers, “It’s so important to have that special somebody. To hold, kiss, miss, squeeze and please.” Alas, it’s still tempting to think that the ... Read More »

ex boyfriend

A relationship can go only one of three ways. Either you choose to remain boyfriend and girlfriend indefinitely. Or you get engaged and become a fiance with the intent to marry. Or you breakup up and become ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend. Since the average person goes through 6-12 relationships during a lifetime, then the latter option – by definition – is ... Read More »


Though subtle, there is a large difference between a boyfriend and a boy friend. A boy friend is a casual, non-romantic male acquaintance. A boyfriend can mean anything from ‘seeing someone’ at one extreme, through to marriage at the other. Typically, one stops being a boyfriend when you become engaged, at which point you become a fiance to your partner. ... Read More »