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Another Kerry endorsement

Yesterday, I posted what follows at my blog, and today that I see that the key news report I cited has vanished! While the story may reappear, I decided to offer this post as a lesson in the importance of obtaining a Google cache. Which foreign leaders are endorsing Kerry? Well, shortly before his election last week, Spain’s new president-elect ... Read More »

Fit to print

Here’s one of the best Amazon.com reviews I have seen so far. While it is written by the author about his own book, the man was way ahead of his time: Bad News was written over a period of a dozen years in response to Richard Nixon’s disgrace. It contrasted John F. Kennedy’s disastrous foreign policy (Bay of Pigs, Vienna ... Read More »

Designer genes for God and gays?

In a fascinating post last month, Randall Parker discussed scientific data showing a possible connection between “spirituality” and serotonin receptors in the brain: Once it becomes possible to control what genetic variations people pass on to their offspring and once genetic variations are discovered that alter personality then at that point the average personality types born to people of different ... Read More »

Classical perspective on Iran

A recent plethora of blogging activity (plus, I suppose, the capture of Saddam Hussein) is pushing Iran into the spotlight of the blogosphere. Iran is Persia, of course, and more than perhaps any country, Persia looks both East and West. This has been the case since antiquity. I have discussed Persian history before in this blog, and I wish I ... Read More »

Political heresy as religious heresy

Has Dick Morris suddenly become a non-person to Republicans? I noticed his absence at the usual places which once carried his column, so I’m just wondering…. Then I happened to catch this. Morris recently advised the Republican Party to “terminate” the Christian right. What fascinated me the most was his contention that religious conservatives have what amounts to veto power: ... Read More »

Halloween: every Fall it Rises!

The anniversary of Antinous’s death (October 30, 130 AD) seems remarkable in its proximity to Halloween, and I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to say that even today we are still dealing with the fallout from a war between sex and religion started long, long ago. Part Three: the Fall and rise — of sex (Readers ... Read More »

Hidden identities aren’t just for Halloween!

Things are getting to the point where if you dislike socialism as much as you dislike moral conservatism, you have no place in either the Republican or Democratic Party. American politics are now driven primarily by socialism and moral conservatism. Libertarianism is a joke. And an especially cruel joke at that, considering that the majority of the country (the “middle,” ... Read More »

Whose side is Satan on, anyway?

This general does not get it. “Our enemy is a spiritual enemy because we are a nation of believers…. His name is Satan.” Atheists do not get it. Christian fundamentalists do not get it. Islamic theocrats who have declared war against this country did far more than declare war on Christianity. Or on Judaism. Or on Judeo-Christianity. They also declared ... Read More »

A new bull, or a new matador?

Is this country headed for an irreconcilable culture war — something which will dwarf the best efforts of this blog to stop? I mean, despite the soothing remarks by many bloggers, it is harder and harder to ignore the seething rage just beneath the surface of so much that passes for ordinary politics. It has become quite ordinary for simple ... Read More »

California dreaming (South Park style)

This is also posted at my blog site. Is Stephen W. Stanton a prophet? My clairvoyant skills are not what they should be, so I cannot predict today’s California election results. But I am pretty good at predicting retrospectively, and I think I can fairly state that if Schwarzenegger wins, his victory will be in no small measure a result ... Read More »