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Cleveland Indians Need New Ownership

You must commit to winning: the fans and the revenues come later. Read More »

Kari Byron’s Head Rush Brings the Fun to Science and Math

New daily Science Channel show starring MythBusters star seeks to entertain and educate. Read More »

Princeton Team Discovers Earliest Animal Fossils, SpongeBob TinyPants

Discovery in Australia pushes back animal time line by 70 million years. Read More »

Harry Shearer, Fats Domino, The Big Easy, Confederacy of Dunces – I Cannot Escape New Orleans

The Big Easy zeitgeist is swirling gumbo-style around me. Read More »

Extremely Rare 2,200-Year Old Gold Coin Found in Israel

Archaeologists reach out and touch the past. Read More »

World Responds to Freakout Flight Attendant Slater

Why do 57% consider him a "hero"? Read More »

LeBron’s Consort Whines About Fan Reaction

Savannah Brinson whines about fan reaction to l'affaire du LeBron. Read More »

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster Expecting Their Second Child, His Seventh

Rod the Mod is simply too old to have more children - it's all about ego. Read More »

Of Cats, Blogging, Viral Video, and Stuff

Cats are supposed to be agile, chilled, self-possessed creatures of mystery and wonder. Read More »

When Is Zowie Bowie Not Zowie Bowie?

When they're a Vegas pop act. Read More »