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WSB Shrinks Fiesta Bowl to Tell Us “Everything Still Okay”

A local television station wished people had died, just to spite me. Read More »

Robby Gordon Races Against Long Odds

If Robby Gordon wins the Dakar Rally it will be the biggest American upset since the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" Read More »

Movie Review: King Kong

Jackson's Kong Rules Theaters Read More »

Movie Review: Paying the Rent

Rent, a great musical, a decent movie Read More »

Georgia Aquarium: A Playground for The Rich

Aquariums are supposed to be places for education instead Atlanta has a massive tribute to ego and elitism. Read More »

Movie Review: Jarhead

Jarhead: M.A.S.H. for Gen-X Read More »

Lost Wins, But Doesn’t Open Doors

Lost has won an Emmy, which can be seen as either a good thing or a bad thing for the science fiction community. Lost is the first show with heavy sci-fi elements to win an Emmy, true to form none of its actors won, but the show itself was recognized. Never before has a show from this genre won a ... Read More »

How Lwaxana saved Q

In the waning hours of Dragon*Con Peter David told a throng of Star Trek faithful that if not for the unwitting efforts or Majel Barrett Roddenberry one of his most beloved books, Q in Law, would never had made it to press. The comedy based on a relationship between Q and Lwaxana Troi and the ensuing madness of bringing together ... Read More »

Jordan: One more book, I promise

It's going to be 12 books even if the 12th book is 1,500 pages long. So get ready. Read More »

Helfer hints at things to come

Tricia Helfer, sexy star of Battlestar Galactica, hints at the future of the series. Read More »