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A clafouti is a rustic French fruit dessert, typically made with cherries, although other fruits may also be used. The dish originated in Limousin, France and traditionally the cherries were not pitted, supposedly because it adds a hint of almond flavor to the finished dish. The clafouti is baked in a round pan or baking dish, and in some ways ... Read More »


Pesto is a paste typically made with basil, pine nuts, garlic, and olive oil and Parmesan cheese. It can be served over pasta, as a sauce on meats or salads or on pizza. There are infinite variations, including with different greens, such as arugula or cilantro, and different nuts, such as walnuts or almonds. Pesto originated in Genoa, Italy and ... Read More »

downton abbey

Downton Abbey is a television costume drama set in rural England in the years just prior to WWI. The show originally aired on the British network ITV and was rebroadcast in the United States by PBS as part of its Masterpiece series in the fall of 2010. Actor Julian Fellowes created and wrote the series. The narrative focuses on the ... Read More »


Matzo is a traditional Jewish food associated with the spring holiday of Passover. Passover matzo is made only with wheat and water, although there are other varieties that are not kosher for Passover that may contain eggs or other ingredients. Matzo is not leavened and resembles a flat cracker. To be considered kosher for Passover, matzo must be made in ... Read More »


A Seder is a ritual meal that Jews partake in during the spring holiday of Passover. Passover celebrates the Jews’ deliverance from slavery in Egypt in ancient times. The Seder traditionally has many pre-meal rituals, including blessings; the telling of the story of Passover; an explanation of the elements of the Seder plate; and Four Questions, asked by the youngest ... Read More »

Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss is the pen name of beloved children’s book author Theodor Seuss Geisel. The son of prosperous German immigrants, Theodor Geisel attended Dartmouth College, where he served as editor of the college humor magazine. It was at Dartmouth that Geisel first used the “Seuss” pseudonym. Following graduate studies at Oxford, Geisel pursued a career as a cartoonist and illustrator. ... Read More »

stephanie izard

Stephanie Izard is a Chicago-based chef best known for being the only woman to win cable channel Bravo’s reality television show Top Chef in 2008. She currently is the Executive Chef at Girl and the Goat, a popular small-plates restaurant in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. Izard, who grew up in Connecticut, received a BA from the University of Michigan and ... Read More »