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Will the new Gladwell theory stick?

The whole world is tipping and blinking because of rockstar MG, and who am I to deny his powers? Read More »

Frere-Jones, Frere-Jones, Dormez-Vous?

Most of music critic Sasha Frere-Jones' blog is photos--I like his records of graffiti and signage especially... Read More »

Paglia for Peanuts: Camille, Where is Thy Sting?

If Paglia wants sexy peanuts, she should try some poetry outside the limited arena she's clearly sampling--and sampling is a generous term. Read More »

Ashbery makes sense

He stood there at the podium of the Morgan Library looking as genial and harmless as Ed McMahon... Read More »

Martin’s twelve: Cheaper by the Dozen now even cheaper!

I hate seeing Steve Martin act like an idiot, and I don't mean The Jerk. Read More »

Too pure to be Pink: the limits of chick lit

There's plenty of light (more likely, deceptively light) reading out there that doesn't get smooshed into a category. Read More »

Pander In The Wind: Tina, Diana & Me

Then, I'm afraid, the Elton John song--already hanging way over the edge of bad taste as it was... Read More »