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Gordon S. Miller is the artist formerly known as El Bicho, the nom de plume he used when he first began reviewing movies online for The Masked Movie Snobs in 2003. Before the year was out, he became that site's publisher. Over the years, he has also contributed to a number of other sites as a writer and editor, such as FilmRadar, Film School Rejects, High Def Digest, and Blogcritics. He is the Publisher of Cinema Sentries. Some of his random thoughts can be found at twitter.com/ElBicho_CS

The Best Of Wes Montgomery

Wes Montgomery The Best Of… Riverside Records For those of you overwhelmed by the investment in time and money it would require for the purchase of Wes Montgomery: The Complete Riverside Recordings, you can try this one CD because all of the tracks that appear on it are also in that mammoth boxed set. Wes taught himself how to play ... Read More »

The Best of Milt Jackson

Milt Jackson The Best of… Riverside Records Milt Jackson, first gained notoriety as a jazz vibraphonist when he was a part of the rhythm section of Dizzy Gillespie’s big band in the late 1940s. From there he went to become a co-founder of the Modern Jazz Quartet along with pianist John Lewis The first two tracks on this album are ... Read More »

Gomez Split The Difference

Gomez Split The Difference Virgin Records Gomez’ Tom Gray calls Split The Difference “a big, loud, tight rock ‘n’ roll album with some psychedelic elements.” I would certainly agree and the band makes its intentions known before a note is heard with the album cover’s Yellow Submarine homage. A fuzzed-out guitar is strummed on the opening track “Do One,” welcoming ... Read More »

Umphrey’s McGee Anchor Drops

Umphrey’s McGee Anchor Drops Sci Fidelity Records Umphrey’s McGee is a very intriguing band because it is made up of musicians who play music for the sole purpose of playing music. Rather than writing calculated pop songs that appeal to the lowest common denominator, they challenge the listener, almost daring them, to follow the band down a rabbit hole to ... Read More »

Ultimate Mancini

Henry Mancini Ultimate Mancini Concord Records This is a collection of Henry Mancini songs and themes from films and television programs ranging from the ’50s to the ’80s. Both Oscar and Grammy nominations and awards have been bestowed on most of the selections. Some of the songs are classics, like “Peter Gunn Theme,” while others are obscure, such as “Life ... Read More »

Bush’s Brain

Directed by Joseph Mealey & Michael Shoob Based on the book by James C. Moore & Wayne Slater This is a documentary about how Karl Rove became President George W. Bush’s Senior Advisor and chief political strategist. It shows his political beginnings in the Young Republicans, his political campaign work in Texas and his involvement with George W. Bush over ... Read More »

DVD Review: Predator (1987)

Directed by John McTiernanWritten by Jim Thomas & John Thomas I was certain I had seen Predator before. Not sure when, but years ago. I mean, I’d seen plenty of Arnold’s stuff during the ’80s: Conan, Commando, Running Man, etc. I knew the plot was about Arnold and company being in a jungle on the run from an invisible, alien ... Read More »

Frank Yankovic, King of Polka

Frank Yankovic The Best of Frank Yankovic Legacy Recordings Let me get this out right at the start: I’m a complete novice in regards to polka music. The only connection I have had with the art form is vague memories of watching The Lawrence Welk Show with my grandparents, attending Oktoberfest celebrations in Huntington Beach, California and standing in line ... Read More »

Open Water

Written and Directed by Chris Kentis Every summer there is one small, independent film that beats the odds and becomes the must-see film that everyone is talking about. This year Open Water is trying to be that film. It garnered a great deal of buzz at Sundance back in January and reviewers are raving about it; however, I have no ... Read More »

A Home at the End of the World

Directed by Michael Mayer Written by Michael Cunningham based on his novel A Home at the End of the World is an unconventional love story about Bobby and Jonathan, two young men who grow up in suburban Ohio in the late ’60s and reunite in New York City in the early ’80s. While in New York, they form a new ... Read More »