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Transition Magician: Getting from One Scene to the Next When Editing Video

How and when to make your video edits invisible — and call maximum attention to them. Read More »

DigiEffects’ Legacy Plug-Ins Are Still Useful

While they're getting a bit long in the tooth, these affordable video plug-ins are well worth exploring. Read More »

Digieffects’ Damage: You Have Great Looking Video, They Can Fix That

Digieffects' new "Damage" plug-in perfect for video editors wishing to add static, snow, and simulated interference to otherwise pristine video. Read More »

Video Stock Footage: The Next Generation

Video editors looking for a collection sharply produced HD stock footage might want to check out VideoTraxx HD. Read More »

Beam Me Up! How to Make Your Own Transporter

Star Trek's transporter effect required armies of technicians in 1966. Today, you can easily create the effect in your PC. Read More »

Cavalcade Of Software Synths Highlight Latest Version Of Cakewalk’s Sonar

Getting under the hood with the latest version of the Windows-based digital audio workstation. Read More »

Software Review: Adobe’s CS4 – Powering The TV Studio Inside Your PC

If you find multimedia content on the Web becoming richer and more detailed, it won't be a coincidence. Read More »

From Electric To Electronica: Les Paul, the Minimoog, and The Studio as Compositional Tool

A new book, new MP3 collection, and new software synthesizer patch chart the development of pop music and its tools from the 1950s into the 21st century. Read More »

The Joy Of Virtual Sets

Chromakey dramatically changed how recent Hollywood films look. It can do the same for much lower budget productions as well. Read More »

The Well-Tempered Christmas Tree

Serious musician on your Christmas list? Unlike fruitcake or socks, these items will get loads of use throughout the year. Read More »