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Identity Thieves Target Uncle Sam

Is the government a favorite target of identity thieves? Read More »

Phony Collectors Want Your Credit/Debit Card Information

People are getting calls from phony collectors — and some of them are threatening people with criminal action. Read More »

Lucid Intelligence – A Free Way to Discover If Your Identity Has Been Stolen

A new tool could give you an early warning IF cyber crooks have stolen your personal and financial information. Read More »

Are Anti-Aging Products Containing Resveratrol Scamming Innocent People?

Deceptive marketing practices hawking versions of this product are everywhere. Read More »

Trust Caller ID, Become a Crime Victim!

Anyone can get a caller ID spoofed. Because of this, there have been a lot of people victimized. Is it time for a law? Read More »

FTC Shuts Down Internet Provider Specializing in Kiddie Porn, Fraud & Spam

The FTC has shut down a provider that caters to providers of kiddie porn, larceny and spam. The crooks are running fast to other providers. Read More »

A Call for Action in Addressing Cyber Security

On Friday, President Obama announced the results of a 60-day study, which calls for action to secure cyber space. Read More »

Charity Scams Busted Nationwide

Fake Charities claiming to represent veterans, fire fighters, and law enforcement are being targeted nationwide. Read More »

Millions of Potentially Sensitive Records from the Clinton Era Gone Missing

Government officials disclosed yesterday that millions of sensitive records from the Clinton administration were left unsecured and are missing. Read More »

FaceBook Hack Reveals Trend in Targeting Social Networks

It's pretty hard to keep up with all the attacks on sites currently in progress on the Internet. A little common sense is probably the best defense any of us have! Read More »