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Book Review: Defiance by Alex Konanykhin

An autobiographical tale of entrepreneurial life and political intrigue in the former Soviet Union. Read More »

A Tour Of Springfield, USA

Welcome to Springfield, USA! The most absurd of all places you will find in TV’s longest running animated show: The Simpson’s, starring Bart, Lisa, Marge and most especially, Homer. A small tour will give you the answer. From the airport (Springfield Airport), hail Just Take Me Home taxi cab and ask to be driven to Who’s To Know Motel, in ... Read More »

CD Review: Trashcan Sinatras – Weightlifting

Welcome back to the most underrated band in the world! Read More »

Fifth Beatle: Stuart Sutcliffe – Gone But Not Forgotten

Before the British invasion and way before Ringo, there was Stuart Sutcliffe, the fifth Beatle and a talent that should never be forgotten. Read More »

Egotism In the Arts

Actors, authors, and musicians who depend on media to be wealthy are too rich and should not complain about piracy. Read More »

Intergenerational Decadence

Sometime way back just before the millennium, I had a reflection or an epiphany regarding intergenerational decadence in values. Read More »

Movie Review: Memoirs of a Geisha 2005

I was fascinated by the countless intricate elements presented in the film Read More »

The Man Behind Manny Pacquiao and Other Filipino Boxers

2003 "Trainer of the Year" Freddie Roach Read More »

Pattern of Arrogance Seen in Hurricane Katrina Response

The US government generally believes that because of its nation’s wealth and power, the country is invincible. Read More »

A Death In The Family

I would like to relate something that happened during August of 1997. My beloved dog “Sasha” died. Read More »