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The Power of Twitter Compels You

Are people talking about Twitter? That would be a 10-4. Read More »

The End of the Twitter As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)

Despite early predictions to the contrary, Twitter will be around for the long haul. Even after the buzz wears off. Read More »

Where Some See “Hyper-Localism,” Others See More Choices

People are finding a full and rich palette of news sources and are able to cobble together their own version of the truth of the whole. Read More »

Topix to Google: “You Could’ve Given Us Help, But You’ve Given Us So Much More”

"This can't be the process…You're cast into this amusing, Kafkaesque world to run your business." Read More »

The Big Guns Come Out: Viacom Sues Google, YouTube For $1 Billion

The suit centers around an alleged 160,000 uploaded "unauthorized" video clips. Read More »

People Are Freaking Tweaking on Twitter

Twitter Fever has emerged as the big story over the past month. Read More »

Digg and Netscape Struggle to Prevent Gaming and Other Shenanigans

A successful experiment in buying a Digg front pager with low grade content proves that the big boy social news sites still have a ways to go to prevent gaming. Read More »

Blogger Tags and the Mysteries of Search Engine Traffic

If you pull lots of search traffic you can sail off for six months and still have rip roaring stats when you get back. Read More »

New York Considers Pedestrian Ban On iPods In Crosswalks

This is cruel and unusual punishment for the iPod set. Read More »

How Does StumbleUpon Help Bloggers?

I'm a bit lost on how bloggers use StumbleUpon to drive traffic to individual stories. Read More »