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Apps, short for applications or application programs, can mean a wide variety of things today but are almost always associated with a technology product or service powered by software. Apps can be the basis for an entire company, or can be something that a solo developer builds and deploys in his or her spare time. Apps are often associated with ... Read More »


The term meme – a story, idea, or concept that gets picked up by a community and passed along and added to along the way – has taken on new resonance in the online age, and particularly over the last few years within the social media world and blogosphere. Memes are now thought of as the hot topic of a ... Read More »

second life

Second Life is a three dimensional virtual world in which users control avatars that can socialize, collect items, share and learn, market products, and communicate with each other in a fantastical number of ways. Second Life is a product of Linden Lab which was founded in 1999 to be "a free online virtual world imagined and created by its Residents." ... Read More »

Sarcastic and Cynical Stories for Kids? Check Out Barry Yourgrau

NASTY tales aim to deliver the stuff kids *really* like. Read More »

Twitter as Communications Platform

Short, simple, and fast. That's the killer app. Read More »

Is MyBlogLog Losing Its Buzz?

It's still a great site, so where's the buzz? Read More »

Politics and MySpace: “the leading social networking blogosphere”?

It's hilarious when non-tech-savvy journalists wade into those electronics weeds. Read More »

Twitters of the Day: Starbucks, Han Solo, and Netscape

Following the best of Twitter so you don't have to... but you should, it's rad! Read More »

New Mashtracker Tracks Social News Stories, Techmeme-Style

New "memetracker" focuses on blog conversations stemming from social news stories published by Mashable. Read More »

There’s No Way That Tom From MySpace “Personally Contacted” Tila Tequila

While MySpace is blocking widgets and music players, Tom is too busy being Tom to bother with Tila Tequila. Read More »