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GM is Blogging — Way Out in Front

It’s finally happened. A car manufacturer has seen the power and benefits of blogs. Not long ago, I wondered where all of the automotive blogs were, and why car companies — usually so far ahead in technology and advertising than the rest of us — were lagging woefully behind. General Motors put that question to rest when it launched its ... Read More »

Chrysler 300 C 2005 Car of the Year

I think I just heard Hell freeze over. I almost never agree with the mainstream automotive media’s buzz about particular cars, so I can’t believe I actually agree with Motor Trend’s choice of the Chrysler 300 as the 2005 Car of the Year. But, now I can get back to disagreeing with the auto media. First, I only put the ... Read More »

Yes, WSJ, Toyotas and Hondas Are Still the Best

The Wall Street Journal called me earlier this week to ask if a statement quoted in “Buyers Take the Driver’s Seat When Shopping ‘Pre-Owned'”, appearing in Terri Cullen’s, May 15, 2003, Fiscally Fit column was still valid. When columnist Terri Cullen called me last year to ask which cars best retain their value, my kneejerk response was, “Two words: Toyota ... Read More »