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Father’s Day Shopping Suggestions

I asked four Dads my own Dad's age for their input on the best Father's Day Gifts. Their advice may surprise you. Read More »

DVD Review: Hoodwinked

In the woods, something sinister creeps. If it isn't the wolf (and he claims it is not), who is stealing the recipes and putting all the goodie-makers out of business? Read More »

Book Review: The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau

The City is a rule-bound place. Lately, however, the lights have begun flickering. Read More »

Book Review: The Secret Life of Dust by Hannah Holmes

Build stars from it. Water earth and entomb dinosaurs with it. Smoke it, eat it, drink it. Return to it at life's end. Read More »

Movie Review: Over the Hedge

Expect no deep insights, no religious conflicts -- just a delightful animated film that offers nothing but pleasure to its audience. Read More »

Do You Really Need that Light On?

My father was an environmental visionary. (Who knew?) Read More »

Getting into J. Craig Venter’s Genes

"My genome is bigger than yours!" Venter's personal genome will be published as a reference databank this year. Where will this maverick researcher head next? Read More »

Robson Green: From Wire in the Blood to Rocket Man

Robson Green is the man you want when you have a subtly-damaged, slightly-weird, very intelligent role to cast on BBC TV. Read More »

Book Review: Dead Lines by Greg Bear

What if some of the things you see every day aren't real? In Hollywood, that's a normal feeling. Read More »

Farewell Tom Corbett: A Space Cadet Departs the Earth

Frankie Thomas, dead at 85, departs for a further destination than any in his 1950s TV career. Read More »