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DVD Review: The Messengers

The Pang Brothers. I'm thinking Danny and Oxide should change their names to Hit and Miss. Read More »

DVD Review: Hannibal Rising

Zzzz ... zzzz ... zzzz ... Huh?! What's that?! There's a Hannibal Lecter movie going on? Read More »

New Horror DVD Release List: May 29, 2007

The following horrors shall release themselves upon your unsuspecting community this May 29, 2007... Read More »

New Horror DVD Release List: May 8, 2007

Behold the creeping terror making its way towards you on May 8, 2007... Read More »

DVD Review: Pan’s Labyrinth

What can I say about Pan’s Labyrinth that more eloquent, educated, and well-versed critics haven’t already? Read More »

Movie Review: 28 Weeks Later

The original 28 Days Later was a stylish and intelligent film that gave a welcome focus on characters while re-inventing the whole zombie movie aesthetic. Read More »

Book Review: The Taken by Sarah Pinborough

I don’t know how many more books Sarah Pinborough needs to write before she runs out of steam... Read More »

New Horror DVD Release List: May 1, 2007

What horrors await you on May 1, 2007? Witness below! Read More »

Movie Review: The Shark is Still Working

Anyone who has seen Jaws remembers the exact time and place and how they felt when they first saw it. Read More »

New Horror DVD Release List: April 19, 2007

Check out what shall be lining your shelves come April 17, 2007... Read More »