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Hillary Clinton: The Democrats’ George W. Bush

Why is That Damned Woman seemingly hated equally by both left and right? Read More »

No Soldier Dies in Vain

Senator Obama says he meant no offense by saying soldiers' lives "wasted" Read More »

Valentine’s Day Advice from The Good Doctor

What's the worst kind of love? The kind that never happens. Read More »

VIP Syndrome: A Prescription For Poor Health

Want great hospital care? Well, whatever you do, don't pull rank. Read More »

Life-saving Vaccine Against HPV! (If You Can Afford It)

Want protection against cervical cancer? Get immunized against HPV. But good luck finding the vaccine - thanks to high costs and political roadblocks. Read More »

Support the Right-Wing Agenda: Vote Ralph Nader

Perennial candidate and presidential spoiler Nader says he may be back; Republicans breathe huge sigh of relief Read More »

What Ails Castro?

Miami is set to party, the death watch continues, and Cuban ministries insist Fidel is just fine. What, exactly, is going on? Read More »