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Olmert Gives the Green Light: An Israeli Victory Must Be Clear, Decisive

For Israel, anything less than a decisive victory against Hezbollah will be seen as a loss. Read More »

Ahmadinejad Quivers At The Prospects Of War

In a remarkable change of course, Iranian President Ahmadinejad is now calling for a cease-fire between Israel and Lebanon. Read More »

Hezbollah’s War, Hezbollah’s Responsibility

Israel has done everything possible to minimize civilian casualties in a war where terrorists ensure that such casualties are unavoidable. Read More »

Iran’s Unanswered War Against The West

Iran is fighting the West throughout the Middle East. When will the West bring the fight back to Iran? Read More »

Israel Brings Fight To Lebanon (At Hezbollah’s Request)

Hezbollah launched a terrorist attack against Israel earlier today, kidnapping two soldiers and killing three others; Israel responded with war. Read More »

Americans Are Stupid, By Ismail Haniyeh

Jihad Journalism reached new highs today with the publication of a hate-filled diatribe by terrorist PM Haniyeh in the Washington Post. Read More »

A Dormant US Emboldens N. Korea

Amid missile launches and hostile rhetoric, President Bush has wrongly opted for the diplomatic path in dealing with North Korea. Read More »

Profile Of A Dead Chechen Warlord

The most wanted terrorist in Russia was killed by the country's special forces today after years of eluding capture. Read More »

Neighbors And Friends: The Future Of US-Canada Relations

Canada is redefining itself as a major force in the war on terrorism and a key ally for the US. Read More »

Where’s The Response To North Korea’s Missile Launch?

President Bush failed to deter North Korea's missile tests, despite adequate time to respond. Would President Clinton have done better? Read More »