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I Summer Where I Winter At

I saw Bob Mould at the Great American Music Hall the other night. I don’t get out much, and even though I dearly love BM’s music and have found delight and inspiration every time I’ve seen him play, I don’t think I would have made the effort to go if it hadn’t been for the fact that Kevin Army, a ... Read More »

suckers with stars in their eyes

Looking for info. about John Trubee, I stumbled on to The American Song-Poem Music Archives, an entire site devoted to the “song-poem” genre. There’s a full explanation on the site, but in brief, what they call “song-poems” are what results when suckers with stars in their eyes respond to ads like this: Then, in return for a fee, they get ... Read More »

Ben Weasel Speaks for Me

Pretty much, anyway. Here’s Ben’s promised, fiery (and terrific) essay on how the the “totally free music” conceit and internet theft impacts The Little Guy. I wrote a bit about this last year (and received tons of abuse for it– get ready, Ben.) Many of the evangelists for the free content revolution, and a fair few of the less strident ... Read More »

film questions

We just watched the “Criterion Collection” DVD of Straw Dogs (which has long been one of my favorite films, though I haven’t seen it in quite awhile.) I gotta say, the commentary by film critic Stephen Prince (author of Savage Cinema: Sam Peckinpah and the Rise of Ultraviolent Movies) is really excellent. He announces at the beginning of the commentary ... Read More »