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Am I Really That Smart?

Dr Dreadful discovers that he may be one of the cleverest people on the planet. He’s not convinced. Read More »

Ron Paul, Hugo Chavez, and the White Supremacist 9/11 Gun Control Conspiracy

A cynical ploy to generate bot traffic, or a serious discussion of an online phenomenon? Read More »

Igor, the Formula!

How the pundits are crushing creativity and prostituting publishing. Read More »

The Founding Fathers’ “Unalienable Rights”

The ideals of the Declaration of Independence resonate with all Americans, however opposed their causes may be. Read More »

Strengthening the Case for Torture

Does Michael Levin make a convincing argument for torture, or are his ideas fantastically off-beam? Read More »

Americans and Those Around Them

Americans aren't the rugged individualists they like to think they are - but they're working on it. Read More »