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On Gay Rights, a Church Shows Its Irrelevance

The Church of England wants its voice to be heard on gay marriage, but is only highlighting its impotence. Read More »

Cookiegate: an American Vignette

Mitt Romney unwittingly illustrates what’s great about America. Read More »

The Truth About Liberal Bias in Academia

Are colleges and universities really left-wing indoctrination factories, are liberals just smarter, or is there a more mundane explanation? Read More »

Because They Can

Is hiring discrimination ever okay? Read More »

White Supremacists Do the Funniest Things

An altercation between a New Jersey couple and their local supermarket puts the spotlight on parents' and children's rights. Read More »

How to Lose an Electorate (Or Not Win Them Over Much)

Anyone noticed anything odd about all these attack ads? Read More »

Beijing Olympics: The Definitive Retrospective

The second and final part of Dr Dreadful's Olympics wrap-up, live from the Beijing Kitchen Chinese Restaurant. Read More »

Satire: The Olympics So Far

Superhuman swimmers, drug scandals, cheating and politics - yes, it's the Olympic Games once again. Dr Dreadful reports. Read More »

Hannity’s Heroes

Does Sean Hannity's idolization of the armed services damn true military heroes with faint praise? Read More »

Licence to Inhale? England Mulls Tough New Anti-Smoking Measure

Britons may soon need a licence to buy cigarettes if a radical new proposal becomes law. Read More »