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I Watched, and I Remembered

A gentle life lesson from my father. Read More »

Ninja Turtle Green

Brendan and Papa paint his new room! Read More »

Drumstick or Wing?

A new feature about life and love in the heartland of America. Read More »

Love In The Afternoon

Young lovers in the country can face unexpected intrusions. Read More »

A Time To Remember: A Christmas Story

My father and I share a special family tradition at Christmas. Read More »

The Christmas Without

We lost our home to a fire two weeks before Christmas in 1969. Despite the loss, it was a special Christmas. Read More »

We’ll Take You Home

A young man returning from war touched my life and my heart over thirty-five years ago. Read More »

A Christmas Story: Now and Then

Christmas memories, old and new. Read More »

WW II: Sharing a Bottle With General Patton

A chance meeting between a famed General and a dogface soldier near the end of WWII. Read More »

Madness 101; Holocaust Archives To Be Opened

Opening of German Archive awaited with eagerness tempered by trepidation. Read More »