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USA Today Paying for Pageviews: Good Night and Good Luck, America

USA Today is discussing paying their reporters a bonus based on page views. What does this mean to you? Read More »

Movie review: Good Night and Good Luck

If Edward R. Murrow was concerned about the quality of news in the '50s, imagine what he'd think of it today. Read More »

Book Review: Cruelly Murdered by Keven McQueen

A charming, entertaining look at murder in Kentucky, back when lynch mobs were all the vogue. Read More »

Three Reasons Grey’s Anatomy Should Move to Daytime with the Other Soap Operas

The only patients you ever see at Seattle Grace are the people who work there. What's up with that? Read More »

Book Review: The Romance of Dracula: A Personal Journey of the Count on Celluloid by Charles E. Butler

Getting tired of vampires who sparkle and cry a lot? Meet Dracula, the king of vampires. The REAL vampire. Read More »

Skip the April 15 Gas Out and Boycott Gas Companies One Day a Week Forever

The gas companies get a good laugh out of these one day 'gas outs' - especially when we make up for it the next day. Read More »

I’m Going to Follow Stephen King’s Advice

Stephen King finds his novels in his brain, the one he keeps in a jar on his desk. Read More »

Don’t Take This Personally: I Deleted You From My Facebook Friends List

Deleting people from your facebook friends list can be hazardous to your health. But if I delete you from mine, don't take it personally. Read More »

Aliens and UFOs: Just Exactly What Do You Want the Government to Disclose?

What if the government did tell us everything they know about aliens and UFOs? Would you believe them? Read More »