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The Right to Healthcare: Part Two

The argument that many of those uninsured 'choose' to be uninsured is an amazing piece of smoke and mirror agit-prop. Read More »

The Right to Health Care: Part One

It's amazing that our politicians seem to do nothing but gut funding to health care programs and that we don't start beheading the rat bastards selling us out. Read More »

Theater Review: Collaboraction’s Sketchbook ’07 in Chicago

Collaboraction has nearly perfected theater for fans of Carson Daley and the MTV rave. Read More »

Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

Sometimes you just crave the All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. Read More »

DVD Review: The Fountain

Darren Aronofsky provides no easy answers with this beautiful and spiritual film. Read More »

DVD Review: From 7 Up to 49 Up

This series is genuinely groundbreaking and will likely never be duplicated. Read More »

The “Right” to Smoke-Free Air

Do I really have to respect your self-described "right" of convenience? Maybe so, but here are my "rights." Read More »

Theater Review: Oedipus Complex at the Goodman Theatre

We leave with knowledge that Oedipus had an Oedipal Complex and that Freud had an Oedipal Complex. That's about it. Read More »

Is DADA Relevant?

Can an artistic revolution nearly a century old be of value to our dying dinosaur of a culture? Read More »

Movie Review: Death of a President – Where’s the Beef?

Finch and Range made a very authentic looking documentary that takes advantage of none of the genre's potential. Read More »