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What is the 2012 Election Really About?

Election 2012 should be about more than just beating Obama; the real issues, not partisan talking points, should be addressed. Read More »

The Attack on Employee Rights

State governments attack public employee unions. Read More »

An American Embarrassment

The deterioration of the middle class and the growth in the rolls of those living in poverty. Read More »

Election 2012: The Lesser of Two Evils — Again

As the presidential election season of 2012 approaches, shouldn't the public demand the best candidates for the job? Read More »

The Federal Budget: Who is Watching Out for the Average American?

Is the President campaigning instead of proposing a budget and is Paul Ryan's budget plan good for America? Read More »

Libya: What Is NATO’s Goal?

What is the goal of NATO and the international community in Libya? It's unclear and that's the problem. Read More »

The U.S. Budget Crisis…We Just Got to See Congress at Its Worst

What ever happened to political debate and compromise? Politics have changed, but not for the better. Read More »