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Why Linux is Not on the Desktop

Why Linux isn't on the Desktop yet, and why it probably never will be. Read More »

Book Review: Rails for PHP Developers by Derek DeVries and Mike Naberezny

PHP for Rails Developers is a great way for any PHP programmer to get up to speed with Ruby on Rails. Read More »

Book Review: Head First Javascript by Michael Morrison

A great book for beginners and even pros who want to learn Javascript. Read More »

Revision3, MediaDefender, and The BitTorrent War

Revision3 was attacked by MediaDefender simply because they run a BitTorrent tracker. Read More »

Sun Microsystems and MySQL

Sun Microsystems made promises, and now they're breaking them. Read More »

A Twitter Marketing Experiment

A rant against the idea of using Twitter as a marketing tool. Read More »

The Death of Newsprint?

Is newsprint dead, and if so, what's next? Read More »