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Review: Our Lady Peace rock the Roxy

It was a rainy monday night in Boston, but I braved the line outside the Roxy to pick up my ticket to see Our Lady Peace. After a twenty five minute or so wait in the rain with no umbrella, I finally made my way inside. The Roxy is a nice lounge like club, can work for either a rock ... Read More »

Red Sox Pennant Push..

Well, as I attended the Our Lady Peace show at the Roxy on Tuesday night in Boston, an odd sight was pointed out by the band. Johnny Damon, a renowned rock lover, was also on hand to see the show. The Red Sox game was rained out, but it wouldn’t have mattered, cause after all the opening acts the band ... Read More »

Girls Gone Wild Donates Money For Katrina

Well looks like even the folks at Girls Gone Wild have gotten in on the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. It has been reported that they are donating money to the Red Cross for every video sold featuring New Orleans since the day of the disaster on August 29th. They have been filming at Mardi Gras each of the past eight ... Read More »

Suresh Joachim: Who is this man?

Well Suresh Joachim did the unthinkable, or every man’s dream, he watched TV… non-stop … 69 hours and 48 minutes, that’s a lot of television, and all on ABC too. As I read this story and all about this recent feat, I dug deeper into his past, to see the other odd records this man has broken. He stood on ... Read More »

Saving New Orleans

Coincidentally enough, I found myself travelling to New Orleans this past July for five days of pure Bourbon Street excitement. As I arrived, the first thing I noticed were the above ground coffins, and having no clue what it was about, I asked my travelling companions, who explained to me New orleans was below sea level. The city was actually ... Read More »