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Half Life 2

Half Life 1 ended with the older one of the men in black (except that he wore a grey suit and had a slow and somewhat weird pronounciation) congratulating you for the job. Somehow (and don’t ask me why) this single scene made all my efforts and endurance throughout the whole game worth while. It was the first time I ... Read More »

Fantastic Tales of Ray Bradbury

I have read some short stories in my life, and most of them have left me in a strange state of mind. I think that is the whole reason for writing a short story. But I have to admit that I haven’t read/listened to many stories that top some of the tales in this audio book. Some stories are really ... Read More »

The Definitive Business Plan – by Richard Stutely

On the cover you can read “the fast-track to intelligent business planning for executives and entrepeneurs”. Except, there is no fast-track to writing a business plan. And if there was one, this book wouldn’t cover it. Richard Stutely mentions this on several occasions and never tries to oversimplify complex matters. I guess the fast-track word was added by the marketing ... Read More »

Direct From Dell: Strategies that Revolutionized an Industry

“If you want to capitalize on cyberspace, you should read this book.” Bill Gates Chairman and CEO, Microsoft This is very interesting, I cannot remember Michael Dell even mentioning something like “capitalize on” in the whole book. He narrates in a very humble way, always speaking of things having to do with customer satisfaction and their benefits. Maximizing profit seems ... Read More »

I, Robot

After having read this, I wonder what the movie is all about. It can’t even come close to the original content’s depth, therefore it is merely billed as “suggested by Isaac Asimov’s book”. The book is all about the three fundamental laws of robotics: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to ... Read More »

Getting Things Done, David Allen

It was once upon a time a PHP coder who drowned in work. His todo list grew larger and larger, one day it went overwhelmingly large. New tasks were added on a daily basis. One day it was so bad that he chose not to even look at his list anymore, and instead indulged in addictive games, beautiful women and ... Read More »

How to Talk to Anyone

If you’re sitting at the box day in day out like me and start to lose touch with real people, this is the book for you. Because you have probably forgotten most of the basics. It’s about 92 little tricks for communicating better, getting in touch easier, and conveying your points better. Sure, most of the material is basic, but ... Read More »

PC Game Review: Doom 3

It’s pitch black. I’m crawling through a small tunnel system underground, lighting my way with the flash light. After the guy I had to protect had died, I saw no other way out than these tunnels. I lose my sense of orientation completely, it all looks the same. Have I already been here? Sometimes I don’t even know whether I’m ... Read More »

Rich Dad’s Advisors: Own Your Own Corporation

I was sceptical: Another one in the Rich Dad’s series, and not even by the original author, Robert T. Kiyosaki. But I needed some information, and I needed it quickly. The lawyer I visited didn’t know too much about LLCs (limited liability corporations). In fact, I think he had no experience at all since he spent most of the time ... Read More »

Getting to Yes

Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In – by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton of the Harvard Negotiation Project. You gotta be a phony in order to negotiate successfully. Disclose what you really want and bargain hard. It’s a zero sum game after all, everything the other side wins is something you lose. Frankly, these were some ... Read More »