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NYC Blizzard Wimps

The people of NYC are complete blizzard wimps. Suck it up and grab a shovel. Read More »

My Compromised Debit Card and My New Russian Friend

A Russian steals money from a Floridian's bank account. They've never even been introduced. How rude. Read More »

The Hubris of Rick Scott

Florida in a quagmire: man responsible for Medicare fraud running for governor. Why? Read More »

Burn a Bible on September 11th

Just because you have the right to do it doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Read More »

A Hurricane Tale

A warning to the people on the North Carolina coast as Hurricane Earl approaches. Read More »

Brother Beck’s Traveling Salvation Show

Glenn Beck's tent revival at the Lincoln Memorial was truly memorable. Read More »

The Tea Party vs. the Founding Fathers – the Christianity Issue

The Tea Party - the Nouveau Patriots - want to foist Christianity upon the nation because they think the Founding Fathers said so. Read More »

Glenn Beck – Messianic Hypocrite

Glenn Beck plans to desecrate the memory of Dr Martin Luther King on August 28th in order to sell a book. Read More »

Obama Is Not Raising Your Taxes

EGTRRA of 2001 sunsets on December 31, 2010. Members of Congress have selective amnesia. Read More »

When A Mosque Is Not A Mosque

We are being manipulated by certain pseudo news organizations and political parties. Read More »