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Salvage Me

Whenever storms hit the coast the effects we feel in Jackson are minimal. This is no longer true. Read More »

Dew’s Top Ten for ’04

The things I took everywhere, kept track of my opinions, garnered opinions for or just plain really liked. Read More »

Dew Processed: Jacki-O Poe Lil Rich Girl

When Lil Kim first uttered her words of not having time for fake ones, it was new and refreshing. In 2004 when every 9 in 10 female artists are reciting the same lines, where is the fresh talent to change the tides? Read More »

Devin the Dude

"...don't believe that song, that man is wrong, gangstas don't live that long." Read More »

Before I Let Go

If a good book is measured by how fast you read it, then this was a good book. Read More »

This line has been disconnected

Do corporate talks really solve anything? Read More »

Katie Melua

As you were people! Read More »

Let Live

I'm sorry I thought there were only two people in this relationship... Read More »

Procrastination? Yes, please!

Why do we procastinate knowing we'll pay for it later? Read More »

~SPOILER ALERT~ It’s just like the Book

Is the movie Anti-Semitc? I don't know - is the Bible? Read More »