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A Big, Fat, Republican Lie

What do people mean when they say Delay couldn't violate laws that were passed after he broke them? I don't know. Read More »

Movie Review: A History of Violence

A History of Violence with Viggo Mortensen and Maria Bello depicts Mortenson as a cafe-owner in a podunk town living an average life (except for the fact that his wife is a smoking-hot lawyer) when, about to be killed by two murderers, he turns into a complete killing machine. Ed Harris, in his role as villain, shows up after seeing ... Read More »

The “Left Behind” Law School

Are Christian law schools the wave of the future? Read More »

No Delaying the hypocrisy

With the focus now on the latest Republican shenanigans, let's not 'Delay' looking at his past... Read More »

Book Review: Paul Berman’s Terror and Liberalism

Paul Berman's "Terror and Liberalism" offers an insightful, elegant explanation of the roots of Islamist terror. Read More »

Sacramento is Next….

New Orleans isn't the top of the list of America's cities waiting to get washed away. Sacramento is. Read More »