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Movie Review: The OH In Ohio

A romantic movie that isn't a chick flick and deserves to be watched by all sexually active adults. Read More »

Travel Report: Visiting Kolkata, City Of Life

The beauty of Kolkata lies in its melding of bygone colonial architecture with fast-paced modern development. Read More »

Comic Review: Virgin Comics #01 – Sadhu

The rich visuals and use of Hindu mythology are intriguing enough to make me want to buy the next issue. Read More »

A Writing Burnout of Extraordinary Proportions

They sneer at my attempts and retreat to the subconsious where I fight the demons, the inhuman vices of hatred, genocide, and death. Read More »

Magazine Review: Debonair – A Sad Sack Version Of Playboy and Maxim

There was a time when the Indian magazine Debonair was supposed to be a subdued version of Playboy. Read More »

I Am My Mother’s Daughter

And I am happy to be so. Read More »

Whale Watching In Boston: Not An Idyllic Outing

Moby was having fun but I was drowning in my daughter’s puke. Read More »

Time Slipping Through The Hour Glass

This evening we ate at a restaurant that has been serving New England clam chowder at the presidential inaugurations since 1981. Read More »

When Men Are At The Receiving End Of a Woman’s Scorn

Men are increasingly the victims of domestic violence. Read More »

Where Should Loners Shop?

Alternative shopping solutions for people who hate malls. Read More »