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Fear Factor

The U.S. may be the dominant technological force in the world today, but the world is working hard to catch up. Complacency could be fatal. Read More »

The Rodney Dangerfield Economy..Or Not

In an earlier post, I had pointed to a new “Goldilocks Economy” which is not too good, not too bad: …For example, India and China have emerged as significant sources of productive capital that enable good and services to be produced at lower costs. So, as a U.S. consumer, while my bonuses and wage raises have been stalled, low inflation ... Read More »

The Cult of the Amateur – Really?

Nicholas Carr has a post on the amateur nature of the collective consciousness of the Internet. Its ironic. He points to the slipshod quality of much of Wikipedia to highlight the flaws of the blogosphere including echolalia, tendency to reinforce rather than challenge, and superficiality. Carr’s argument hinges on the assumption that bloggers are amateurs who opine rather than report ... Read More »

The Goldilocks Economy…or not?

Krugman, in an off-base slant, informs us that although the G.D.P. of the U.S. is rising, it isn’t showing up in workers’ wages because it’s going to corporate profits, to rising health care costs and to a surge in executive compensation. Zimran enlightens in his post that although executive compensation in the US may be significantly disproportionate to the value ... Read More »

Are We Winning?

The Financial Times recently heralded the maturing of BPO as a strategic driver for business transformation. The article reminded us that outsourcing enabled American firms to focus on their core competencies, insisting that these competencies including product innovation and important research & development would remain in-house. However, this interesting article in Business Week highlights how that pledge is now passé. ... Read More »

Should we outsource the CEOs?

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal offered a closer look at CEO compensation worldwide and no surprise, American CEOs are the most costly. The median salary including cash bonus for U.S. CEOs in office for at least a year totaled $2.3 million in 2004, according to a cited analysis of 421 large companies by Boardex, of London. That ... Read More »

It’s a Flattening World?

Cnooc Ltd., China’s third largest oil company, has made an unsolicited $18.5 billion cash bid for U.S. oil company Unocal Corp. in an effort to break up its pending acquisition by Chevron Corp. This is the largest foreign acquisition ever attempted by a Chinese company, and marks the first time Chinese and U.S. companies have engaged in a takeover battle. ... Read More »

Do as the Chinese do

In this post, Nicholas Carr first reminds us of Bill Gates’ vehement advocacy of the Bill of Rights in an article, titled “Support Freedom of Speech on the Internet,” that Gates wrote in 1996. Excerpts follow: “The free exchange of ideas on a global basis is something that is important for the U.S. politically and economically. Let’s not undermine the ... Read More »